Sexy QQ Girls in Beijing

exy QQ Girls in Beijing

Another way to find girls for fun in Beijing is the QQ Messenger. It`s a good way to get in contact with beijing working girls, but also to get in contact with “normal” girls. But you should be able to speak (and write and read some chinese). But if so, check it out now.


What is QQ?

QQ is a chinese messenger programm like the MSN Messenger. The sign is a small penguine. You can download the software, register for a QQ-ID (It will be a number), than install the software on your computer and start to connect with others by ad them to your “contact list”. There is a search function, where you can search for profiles, but there are also countless of pages which will provide QQ numbers.

Some years ago, they also released a international version, so now you can find a english version and help page: International QQ. You also can download the app for mobile devices and use it on your mobile phone or pad (like a lot of chinese girls will do).

Tip: QQ also running with two or more profiles same time on your computer, so you also can try and use different profiles very easy, for example one for mongering, one for normal communication with your friends.

Which Beijing Girls will use QQ

Nearly every girl in China will have a QQ account. So even if you meet a girl in the street, you can ask her for her QQ number to keep in touch.

Also some chinese partner pages will put in profiles with QQ-Numbers on it (but here you will find the girls looking for a husband, not only for a “business”).

If you open a interesting profile on QQ, girls will also start to connect you by themself. A lot of them looking for a foreign husband, some will try to cheat you for money issue, but some are only curious for some western experience, so fi you can talk some chinese, you can get nice friends with extras for free. But also for that you have to spend a lot of time to built up a relationship that will follow to the fun you are looking for.

But there are also some working girls using QQ to find customers. You can find several pages all over the internet where working girls will post their profile and QQ number. Than you can add them, start to write and arrange all the details for your appointment.

If you can’t use qq,Then you visit:

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